its Pleased fusion for water treatment and environment company .


its Pleased fusion for water treatment and environment company  that presents itself as one of the leading company water treatment in Jordan , the experience more than 15 years in this filed and from 1970 in beverage and food industrial start in Silver Star factory for the manufacture of confectionery and biscuits . and in across seas international foundation for agent global company in filed food and confectionery  company start  representing the wide range of companies to many  the global water European and American filters and water treatment equipment and supplies and manufactured , and we are agents for several Turkish companies and Italian companies and German manufacturing production lines to fill water and juice machines and inflatable plastic bottles as the company deals with the supply and the extension and the establishment of factories to filling  water and juices and soft drinks 
we have built several factories in Jordan and out of the machines blowing bottling   PET and machinery labeling packing machines and shrink and packing  cups and filling machines and supplies manufacturing and assembling fresh water tanks of stainless steel and transportation lines and packing  and blenders in the workshop  of the company in Jordan.


To offer integrated solutions for low speed and medium and high speed processes, with high technological and quality levels.

To research & develop innovative solutions that integrate leading-edge expertise in every component of the line.


To provide customers with the most effective solutions to satisfy their needs in the packaging process, merging the excellence of the avant-garde Italian equipment manufacturing and professional servicing support.