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    its Pleased fusion for water treatment and environment company  that presents itself as one of the leading company water treatment in Jordan , the experience more than 15 years in this filed and ..


    To offer integrated solutions for low speed and medium and high speed processes, with high technological and quality levels. To research & develop innovative solutions that integrate ..


    To provide customers with the most effective solutions to satisfy their needs in the packaging process, merging the excellence of the avant-garde Italian equipment manufacturing and professional ..

FUSION for water treatment

Our qualified technical staff to follow the lines and continuously supervise the production

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    TheFusion maintenance contract : By creating Customer Service in 2007, we have strengthened the support of your installation throughout the life cycle.So d´ameliorer the quality of your products and ensure optimum performance of


    The spare parts for the water treatment , Because the proper functioning of your unit requires a regular and fast your spare parts supply for you: -Pumps, -Ozone generators, -UV sterilizers, -Measuring devices, -Basket weaving, -


    Consumables used in process water , Because the proper functioning of your water treatment unit requires a regular and rapid supply by: -filtration cartridges, -filtration media,-reagents,-laboratory reagents, -reminaralisation


    - Fusion is your partner and assists you to resolve any issues you encounter but also to avoid , Training on site, Theoretical training on-site or in seminar and DEMONSTRATIONS explained step by step processing to avoid errors

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Opening of the website

News of the opening of the companys website on the Internet The company is pleased to announce the opening of its website on the Internet in an effort to provide better services, privileges and

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