Kombi 6000

Kombi 6000

Release date: 09 Feb, 2014

Suitable for water, carbonated soft drink, oil, juices, mineral water, milk,detergents and other pplications. Available to upgrade the capacity from 6.000 bottles/hour to 24.000 bottles/hour

Kombi 6000 PET Blowing Machine is the fully-automatic and PLC-controlled bottle blowing machine that is producing bottle with the preform.

Kombi 6000 has a production capacity of 5.500-6.000 bottles per hour depending on the bottle types which will be produced, and preforms' weights that will be used.

Kombi 6000 blows the bottles from 200 cc up to 2,5 liter.

Kombi 6000 has optionally a version which blows up to 3.0 liter.

Kombi 6000 is connected to lines that are filling up all kinds of PET bottles, in a practical way. 

Kombi 6000 is an easy-used and high-performance machine with its operator-oriented design and high-tech control system. 

Kombi 6000 With its special-patented QuickSpread® oven design and blowing pressure system of 25 Bar, it provides its customers with high competitive power and high-saving by its feature of low electrical consumption, compared to the alternatives.

With Kombi 6000, it is quite easy and quick to make mold change. 

Kombi 6000 has been designed in a way that it is able to work successfully in all kinds of geographic locations and difficult production conditions. 

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